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Moto G4 Plus Feedback & User Review

Feedback provided by Krishna Patil

· Mobile Phone Review,User Review

Hi, we have started this initiative today of getting feedback from real users about there user experience of using the product.

Today's user review is about Mobile Phone: Moto G4 Plus. This feedback & user review is provided by Krishna Patil

About Krishna Patil: He works as Functional Consultant with an IT firm in Hinjewadi, Pune

Q: How long do you own this phone?

A: I purchased this phone almost 1 year back

Q: What are the positives of Moto G4 Plus?

A: The best thing is the Turbo Charger. It charges the phone almost 60-70% in 30 minutes. Also, I have never encountered the problem of the phone getting hanged. I install a lot of apps but this has never caused the phone to get slow.

Q: What needs to be improved?

A: The headphones which come in the pack can definitely be of a better quality. Apart from that I feel the phone is great value for money

Q: Any issues you have faced while using Moto G4 Plus?

A: The phone does has a problem of getting heated while video shooting or when it is getting charged. Initially when I purchased the phone, I was bit scared because of this heating problem. But, now I am used to it. Also, the battery drains very fast while video shooting.

We thank Krishna for this feedback. If you have any more questions then do download the Feedbayk App. Krishna will be answering any questions you have about Moto G4 Plus on Feedbayk App.

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