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You are no less than Google!

Everybody has lot of knowledge gathered over the years about different product & services we have used. We are no less than Google! For e.g. we have knowledge about the Car or Bike we own, the College we graduated from, the company we are working in, the school where our child is enrolled, the electronic gadgets we use & the list goes on.

So as said earlier, you are no less than Google. But, do you share your feedback about these things by writing online reviews or posting on forums or writing blogs. Well, the answer in majority of the cases will be: No! The few reasons for not sharing the feedback through online reviews can be:

  1. You may not be very good at writing reviews & may feel uncomfortable because people may judge us based on the way you write
  2. You may not like sharing your feedback or opinions on public forums because as we all know anything posted online is permanent
  3. You think: What’s in it for me?

Now, take a hypothetical situation: You are parking your Maruti Baleno in your apartment’s parking and somebody from your society says that even he is planning to purchase Maruti Baleno and asks for your feedback.

What will you do?

In all likelihood, you will be more than happy to share your feedback. You will try to share all your experience of Maruti Baleno with him. If required you will also tell him which other models to consider, from which Dealership should the Car be purchased etc.

So, why is that you have not written an Online review about your Car but, you shared feedback with the person who you don’t know.

Well, the answer is simple. It’s human nature. We want to help others with whatever knowledge we have in a one-to-one interaction. But, we don’t like sharing our feedback through online reviews and forums

We understood this problem in our last failed startup which was about online reviews.

So we started thinking about how do we solve these problems? We wanted a solution which was simple & where people can share their feedback about anything without writing online reviews.

After speaking with different people & couple of iterations later we believe that we have a solution. We call this as Feedbayk.

Feedbayk is an Android App which helps you to share your feedback about a product or service through a simple one-to-one chat. The best part is you will make money for the every feedback you share. We have launched the App for Cars & Bikes currently and will expand to other categories soon.

You just need to register on the App and specify the vehicles for which you can share your feedback. The user who needs your feedback will send you a Feedback Request which you can “Accept or Reject”. Only after you accept the request, the chat will open. So you have control over, with whom you want to share feedback. The chat will be open for 72 hours after which it will automatically close. So, you can be rest assured that nobody keeps on bothering you.

So, please go ahead and download the Feedbayk App & help us in our mission to create future of online reviews.

Help us by downloading the App from here:

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